Networked Solutions


DALI-2 Driver Controller

Enabling a full DALI universe including tunable white drivers, DALI sensors and user interfaces

The Philips Dynalite DDBC120-DALI is ideal for small-scale projects looking for a compact, all-in-one DALI control solution.
This controller operates seamlessly with all other Dynalite controllers, sensors, user interfaces and head-end software.

  • Single-master solution – Compatible with a range of DALI fittings and devices, including DALI fluorescent drivers, DALI electronic low voltage transformers, DALI LED fixtures, DALI emergency lighting fixtures and Philips Dynalite DALI sensors and user interfaces.
  • Compatible with DALI 209 drivers – Provides control of tunable white luminaires.
  • DALI auto-enumeration – Provides automatic enumeration of DALI drivers when powered on and enables self-repair of the network system if a DALI driver fails.
  • Fully scalable network solution – Direct mapping from DALI to the DyNet network protocol eliminates DALI imposed limits, such as maximum group sizes.
  • Flexible mounting solution – A DIN-rail mountable device, designed to be installed into the distribution board supplying power to the controlled lighting circuit.
  • Dual functionality – Leverage advantages of a true DALI network solution, whilst still allowing full function set of DyNet network control.
  • Driver standby power elimination – Internal switched relay automatically isolates the power circuit when all drivers are dimmed to 0%.
  • Integral DALI bus power supply – Removes the need for provision of a separate external power supply and reduces distribution board wiring complexity.
  • Driver management tools – Includes lamp and driver status reporting, driver run time tracking, and emergency test reporting.
  • Onboard DALI test function – Use the controller's service switch to set all connected lamps to full brightness, or flash on/off for a 5-minute test window, without the need for software or additional input devices.

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