Networked Solutions


1 x Driver Controller

Driver Controller with 1 output channel, selectable to DALI Broadcast or 0-10V

The Philips Dynalite DDC116 load controller provides intelligent networked control of 0-10V and DALI broadcast lighting circuits, delivering the flexibility to easily scale your projects from room-based controls to complete building-wide networked controls.

The compact plenum-rated design is compatible with standard junction box wiring schemes, reducing your installation effort and project costs.

  • Incorporates one relay output and one signal dimmer output – Provides dimming control of 0-10 V and DALI Broadcast drivers and transformers.
  • Driver standby power elimination – Internal relay automatically isolates the lighting power circuit when driver is dimmed to 0%.
  • UL924 Input – Integrates seamlessly with compatible emergency systems.
  • Flexible mounting solution – UL 2043 / Chicago plenum-rated plastic enclosure designed for mounting directly onto a junction box.
  • Inbuilt diagnostic functionality – Features Device Online/Offline status indication.
  • Easy to install and configure – Reduced installation complexity and project costs.
  • Flexible deployment – Suitable for room-based applications or integration across multiple spaces.
  • Standalone operation – Single-button configuration assigns the DDC116 to one of five preconfigured lighting zones, enabling individual zone control via the Philips Dynalite range of user interfaces and sensors, without the need for commissioning or head-end software.
  • Networked operation – Seamless connectivity to the rest of the Dynalite system enables a range of expanded functionality such as automated scheduling, head-end software monitoring and management, and network gateway integration to third-party systems including BACnet, OPC UA, and others.