Networked Solutions


1 x Driver Controller

Driver Controller with 1 output channel, selectable to DALI Broadcast or 0-10V

The Philips Dynalite DDC116 load controller provides intelligent networked control of 0-10V and DALI broadcast lighting circuits, delivering the flexibility to easily scale your projects from room-based controls to complete building-wide networked controls.


The compact plenum-rated design is compatible with standard junction box wiring schemes, reducing your installation effort and project costs.


  • Incorporates one relay output and one signal dimmer output– Provides dimming control of 0-10 V and DALI Broadcast drivers and transformers.
  • Compatible with DALI 209 drivers– Provides control of tunable white luminaires.
  • Driver standby power elimination– Internal relay automatically isolates the lighting power circuit when driver is dimmed to 0%.
  • UL924 Input– Integrates seamlessly with compatible emergency systems.
  • Flexible mounting solution– UL 2043 / Chicago plenum-rated plastic enclosure designed for mounting directly onto a junction box.
  • Inbuilt diagnostic functionality– Features Device Online/Offline status indication.
  • Switchable DMX terminator resistor– Easily accessible to maintain signal integrity on the RS-485 network.
  • Easy to install and configure– Reduced installation complexity and project costs.
  • Flexible deployment– Suitable for room-based applications or integration across multiple spaces.
  • Networked or standalone operation– Optional connectivity to Philips Dynalite system for remote monitoring and management of lighting assets.