Networked Solutions


Guestroom control demo case

This portable case demonstrates the features and functions of Interact for Hotels & Resorts by simulating a typical guestroom layout. Standard dimming, RGB lighting, temperature monitoring, HVAC, fans, and motorized curtains are all simulated as part of the solution.

The bottom lid includes the room’s user interfaces and occupancy sensors, along with switches to emulate integration with the doorbell, entry door status, balcony door status, access control input (guest or staff), and day/ night system behaviors.

Connect the PD-GRB via Wi-Fi to the browser-accessible Hospitality Dashboard to showcase the impact of room service requests and status changes in real time.

Standalone Feature Demonstrations

  • Lighting control - Select lighting scenes, adjust dimming, and control standard, tunable white, and RGB lighting channels.
  • Guest/Staff-specific responses - The system knows who is in the room, and adjusts behaviors to balance guest comfort, staff productivity, and energy savings.
  • Room status changes – Make Up Room, Do Not Disturb, Laundry Pickup, and Room Service Tray Pickup.
  • Day Rhythm – Color temperatures automatically adjust to enhance guest well-being, day or night.
  • Occupancy monitoring - Non-essential services and power outlets are automatically suspended when guests vacate the room.
  • Motorized blind/curtain control - Window coverings can be automatically closed or opened to ensure comfortable conditions and reduce HVAC demand.
  • HVAC control - Manage HVAC modes, fan speeds, and temperature setpoints.
  • Balcony door monitoring - Automatically shuts down HVAC if the balcony door is left open.
  • Master On/Off function - Control all lights in the suite with a single button press.
  • Anti-Stumble Nightlight - Sensors detect a guest leaving their bed at night, and gently illuminate a safe path to the bathroom/exit.
  • Selection of Antumbra finishes - See and feel the range of fascia options available for Antumbra user interfaces

Hospitality Dashboard Demonstrations

  • Multiple room modes - Switch between Auto (normal), Green (energy-saving), and VIP mode.
  • Room status tracking - Monitor room status duration to manage staff performance and requirements.
  • System health - Streamline operations and maintenance with real-time monitoring of room devices and general system performance.
  • Room lighting/HVAC override - Remotely adjust lighting scenes or HVAC settings for any room, directly from the
  • Monitor balcony doors, guest safety, & occupancy - Guest well-being alerts enable staff to proactively check on rooms with unusual activity patterns.